On iPhone 5S colour and 5C

iPhone 5S "Blue" and Gold
iPhone 5S "Blue" and Gold

It's now been nearly two months since iPhone 5S and 5C debuted. They have been available to Koreans for nearly a month as well. So now it's not so hard to find them and take a look if you wanted to. Even half of the people in my team who had old iPhones already switched over to 5S.

If you remember, I gave up the much-sought but hard-to-get gold coloured iPhone 5S for the widely available space gray version because that would've been the only way I could get my hands on a 5S as soon as possible.

Looking back, I think I made the right choice. I was able to test it out earlier than most of the people. And I was going to put a skin on it as a basic protection anyway. This brushed metal style dark blue skin I put on really suits the phone well. When I finally got to see the gold version in person as you can see here, I still felt that my skinned iPhone looked better.

iPhone 5C Yellow and iPhone 5S White
iPhone 5C Yellow and iPhone 5S White

As for iPhone 5C, it did indeed look like someone put a coloured plastic case on a black iPhone 5. Nothing too impressive, really. I would have preferred the look of a 5th generation iPod Touch. I can definitely see how people would rather pay $100 more and get a 5S instead. This is perhaps why there are so many iPhone 5C ads in the city as well as commercials on TV.
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