WDSoft.com gets a makeover

WDSoft.com Logo for 2010
WDSoft.com website got a complete makeover, and moved the hosting to XiGL.net instead of a subpage in Tool-Box.info. The old pages still exist, but are not actively linked anymore. Why the change? One reason is that the old one was languishing - it has been left as it is for about five years now. But of course, if there was nothing to add, there wouldn't have been much of a reason to overhaul it. So... you know what this means. A new application is coming up! And it's for iPhone, no less.

You can head over to the Products page at the new website to check out what's new. This new app called "Korea Power Grid Info" is a result of 4 months of self-teaching and 2 1/2 months of hair-pulling development. This app should be most useful to folks in the electric industry, but general users who has an interest in conserving electricity should take a look, as well.

The app is currently in the review process at Apple, and I hope it gets approved soon.


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