Selected again - this time in US App Store

Recognized in the USA, too (Click to enlarge)
I suppose the Korean Power Grid Info app isn't particularly interesting to the people in the United States. The rank has been steadily moving down (started at 113, now at 160). Maybe I need to find a way to let the folks in the power grid business in the US know about the app? Still, at least I can take comfort in the fact that the app will nevertheless be staying on top of the Business category for a while. The Apple has selected it as "New & Noteworthy" for the US App Store, as well. Thanks for recognizing!

ADDENDUM 12:18 - The New & Noteworthy has added a few more apps and now my app is pushed out of the first page, although it's still in the list if 'See All' is clicked. Meanwhile, the visibility did apparently garnered some interest as the rank got boosted to #109 for now. Interesting...

ADDENTUM 17:38 - Hey, it's now #95. Finally broke into top 100! Pretty cool.


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