Google Ads, 'Top Nugget' plug-in

In the old Tool-Box website, I had LinkExchange ads placed. That was sort of okay, but it didn't do much and was pain to manage. So in this new Tool-Box website, I'm trying Google ads. I'm hoping this one's better.

I'm trying two types of shapes here. Since the main page is long, I put a tall banner on the right. In each of the entry page, it's not typically as long, so I put a wide banner on the top.

Serendipity does not support 'top' or 'bottom' sidebar, so I made a plug-in so that you can put HTML nuggets on the top of the entry page. I call it HTML Nugget on Page Top plug-in. It should appear on the SourceForge CVS as serendipity_event_topnugget soon. This plug-in enabled me to put the banner ad as an HTML nugget so it appears on the top of an entry.


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Wesley's Tool-Box on : HTML nugget anywhere?!

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As noted in my previous entry, I made a plug-in that would let me place an HTML nugget on the top of the entry page. It was nice... but the fact that it's limited to showing up on the entry page only and that it's only for the top of the page, made it lim


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