Using Repetier-Host with Makibox

Makibox working with Repetier-Host

A 3D printer needs a host software that sends various commands for printing. In the case of Makibox, an in-house developed one called 5DPrint does this. It's made as a Chrome web app, which runs on top of the Chrome web browser, and thus supports multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, a recent Chrome update seems to have broken the data communications to the printer, and many users are reporting that 5DPrint no longer recognizes the printer, including myself. Luckily, there are other, more capable host software out there. One of them is Repetier-Host.

As you can see, it has no problems making Makibox work. However, a bit of configuration is necessary. Read on to find out.

After installing and running Repetier-Host, press the "Printer Settings" button and set as follows.

[Connection] Tab
- Port: COMx for Windows, usbmodemxxx for Mac
(You need to find the right number in place of x.)
- Baud Rate: 115200
- Transfer Protocol: Autodetect
- Reset on Connect: Disabled
- Reset on Emergency: Send emergency command and reconnect
- Receive Cache Size: 127
- Use Ping-Pong Communication: Off
- Firmware Sends OK After Error: On

[Printer / Behavior] Tab
- Travel Feed Rate: 3600 mm/min
- Z-Axis Feed Rate: 100 mm/min
- Default Extruder Temperate: 235 °C
- Default Heated Bed Temperature: 120 °C
- Number of Extruder: 1
- Park (Dump Area) Position: X=0, Y=0, Z-Min=0
You can check rest of the options (except on Windows, you can disable M105 logging)

[Printer Shape / Dimension] Tab
- Printer Type: Classic Printer with Dump Area
- Home X: (x) min / Home Y: (y) min / Home Z: (z) min
- X Min: 0 mm / X Max: 108 mm
- Y Min: 0 mm / Y Max: 149 mm
- Print Area Width: 108 mm / Depth: 149 mm / Height: 86 mm
- Bed Left: 0 mm / Front: 0 mm
- Dump Area: Left 0 mm / Width 5 mm / Front 0 mm / Height 5 mm

This information is largely based on justMaD's post, and has been verified on my Makibox.
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Juho on :

For what version of makibox these settings are? I have tried on lastest but it doesnt work right.

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