3D printed balloon car

Balloon car body printed

My kids wanted bigger cars from the 3D printer because the ones I made were too small. So I wanted a design that maxes out the print dimensions, while being somewhat special. That's why picked this balloon-powered car. I initially tried the design that uses snap-on wheels, but seeing that the wheels may not turn smoothly, I went ahead with the one that needed separate wires that held the wheels. To see how this went, read on.

The wheels for the balloon car

After the body was made, the wheels were prepared. Four of them were printed at once, without much variation in quality.

Putting the wheels on the car

The wheels were attached to the body using metal wires. The wires were made by straightening the paper clips, as these had the needed thickness and sturdiness. They were fully inserted into the body, the wheels were put in at the ends, and then the wires were bent so that the wheels won't fall out. Excess wires were snipped.

The completed balloon car without the balloon

And so the balloon-powered car was complete. It moves around pretty smoothly, so it's a nice toy car in its own right. But to truly achieve its purpose, a balloon was needed.

Balloon car gets its balloon

Luckily, there was one unblown balloon laying around in the house that could be put on the car. After it was put on, I put some air into the balloon by blowing into the nozzle at the back of the car. Did it work?

Yes, it did. So did the kids like it?

Hayun approves of the new car

Apparently so.
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joe on :

Great! Could you send me or give us a link to the 3D files for the car and the wheels?
Thanks a lot.

Wesley on :

Go to Thingiverse and search for “car with turning wheels” and you can find the files.

António Fernando Costa Gomes on :

car with turning wheels”, find the files to print 3D

Wesley on :

You might want to search Thingiverse for that.

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