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bob on :

Do you have to tell it how much air to put in the tire or does it just automatically fill it up to whatever is right?

Wesley on :

The pump stops automatically at the pressure you set on its control panel (in steps of 1 psi) so it was pretty convenient.

bob on :

Stupid question here but how do you know which pressure to set?
I remember one time my dad had a machine that you just connect to the tires and it auto inflated them to whatever is correct. You didnt have to tell it "how much" or "what pressure" so I am wondering if the machines here in Korea are like that. Because I dont know how much air my tires need. So I hope the machine can know automatically.

Wesley on :

For the pump I used, you had to know what the right pressure is for your car and tires. In my case the correct values were printed on the door frame on the driver’s side (38 psi / 262 kPa). I set the pump to 39 in case the tires deflate a bit after the trip. I think most cars are okay with values between 35 and 40.

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