New s9y plug-in: Comics

You'll notice that there's a webcomic on top of the website. This is implemented by the new plug-in I made, named "Comics." It shows the latest comic on top of the front page, and adds a navigation link on the bottom of the comic so you can go to the first / previous / next / latest comic available.

The functionalities are simple at the moment, but I think it gets the job done, so I decided to officially release it on SourceForge CVS. Refer to the README file for details. As always, SF CVS web view has a few hours of delay, so come back later if it's not showing up yet.

Oh, and the comic. It's called "The Toon-Box" as a parody of the website name. I have thousands of images from my digital camera archive and I decided that this may be the best way to present it. Hope you like it. I plan to have it as a daily feature.


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