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InoQ Tyrannosaurus assembly kit

InoQ Tyrannosaurus moving 3D kit box
Palmtop Tyrannosaurus

There hasn't been much of wind-up toys in the house that my kids could get their hands on. I wanted to fill this hole a bit, but past experiences told me that kids don't play with one toy too long, so I should save money and go for some variety. For this, this little assembly kit series called "InoQ" from David Toy seemed to be a good idea.

I bought a Tyrannosaurus model from a local discount warehouse, which cost about US$3. It was on the low-end of assembly kits as far as price goes, but it said it would move, so it looked better than the stuff that you build and doesn't do anything else after. It also didn't look very sturdy, but considering the price, I thought it should be good enough for several minutes of enjoyment.

And boy, did it give us enjoyment.
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