Bridges of Han-gang River at night

At Jamsil ferry dock with Moon and Venus in the sky

I had a chance to ride the Han-gang river cruise tonight. This is perhaps only the second time to ride on one, despite basically living in the vicinity of Seoul for nearly 15 years and seeing the big river very often.

The last time, I rode the ship during the day, so this was the first time I was able to see the riverside and bridges at night. Lots of lighting fixtures were installed on the bridges during the past decade, and they are quite a sight to see. Read on to see the photos of the bridges I took with iPhone 5S.

Cheongdam-daegyo Bridge

Seongsu-daegyo Bridge

Dongho-daegyo Bridge

Notably, Seongsu-daegyo is that infamous bridge which collapsed back in October 1994. Now it's basked in the lights, and its dark past is but a distant memory.
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