Serendipity has full Korean support

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I have just finished all the Korean translations for the core s9y package in the trunk. That includes the main language file, all the plug-ins, and the Kubrick template which needs a separate language file. They're available in the SVN trunk now, and should come with subsequent nightly snapshots and eventually, 0.9 release.

When I started using s9y 3 weeks ago, Korean localization had been effectively nonexistant. Now I believe it has the become on par with the German and English versions for the package itself. With the translation in place, I think s9y can cater to a wider audience - there have been very few Korean folks using s9y at this moment probably due to the lack of Korean support.


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Wesley's Tool-Box on : Korean support out-of-box: s9y 0.8.3

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The new point release of Serendipity (s9y), version 0.8.3, came out a few hours ago, which can be found in the official download page. This marks the first official s9y release with full Korean support, completed by yours truly. Previously, the first s9y


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