Korean support out-of-box: s9y 0.8.3

The new point release of Serendipity (s9y), version 0.8.3, came out a few hours ago, which can be found in the official download page. This marks the first official s9y release with full Korean support, completed by yours truly. Previously, the first s9y version with such support was to be the next major release, 0.9. I have already noted this in my previous post. However, I thought it would be better to have this come out sooner than later, so I backported the changes to the 0.8 branch, and naturally the new release came out with the changes integrated.

Of course, the new version also comes with an ample set of security patches and bugfixes, making it a recommended update. My 'HTML Nugget on Page' plugin can now function fully with this version because
a new hook intended for 0.9 was backported and is part of 0.8.3. Complete information related to the 0.8.3 version update can be found in the official s9y blog.


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