Protecting my iPhone 6 Plus

Soft back-side protection film for iPhone 6 Plus

As I mentioned previously, I had the protective film and case ordered to go with my iPhone 6 Plus. I'll be talking about them here. I like to have some protection that doesn't get in the way of the aesthetics.

The screen (front side) and back side protection films came as a part of the "Smart Combo" kit from a company called Gilrajavy. It costs about US$17 shipped, and consists of two screen protectors and two soft back-side protectors. The kit also includes a practice film to give you an idea of how the screen protector would be applied.

Clear oleophobic screen protection film for iPhone 6 Plus

Two different types of screen protectors are included in the kit - one "Liphobia" oleophobic film and one "Cloverfield" anti-glare film. I decided to try on the Liphobia version of the screen protector this time around since I like transparency more than the need to reduce glare.

Immediately after applying the back-side film

I applied the back-side film first. It was tricky because of its soft, stretchable nature, but with a bit of trial and error, I was able to align the holes and edges. Tiny air bubbles inevitably get trapped as you see here, but they go away in about 6 hours, as expected.

After applying the screen protection film

The screen protection film was easier as I could hold the stiff film by my thumb and index finger while hovering it over the screen. Once applied, it became hard to tell its existence, just as I wanted. One minor inconvenience is the protector not being able to cover the edges due to the curved bezel. The limitation is likely to apply to other protectors as well.

Using a belt case intended for Galaxy Note series

Once I had my iPhone 6 Plus covered in film, I needed a way to conveniently carry the phone around. For this, I had been using belt cases for about a decade. But obviously the belt case that carried iPhone 5S couldn't fit an iPhone 6, let alone 6 Plus. So I needed s new one, and ended up ordering a version intended for Samsung's Galaxy Note series.

iPhone 6 Plus goes right into the case

This is where Samsung pushing for the huge phones helped me. The case fits iPhone 6 Plus just fine, with a bit of room on the top. I've been successfully carrying the phone on my belt with this for a few days now.

I should note that the phone actually fits into the front pocket of a pair of trousers just fine. I can even sit down without problems. So those who aren't so inclined to use a belt case do not need to worry about pocketability.

Apple's soft pink leather case for iPhone 6 Plus

While I was writing this, a friend of mine had brought a soft pink Apple leather case for iPhone 6 Plus to me. So I took a look at how it would fit the phone. As you can see, if you don't like the thick lines or the protruding camera lens, the case solves both. Maybe Apple wanted to boost the phone case industry?

Looking at the front & bottom with the case on

On the front, the case is largely hidden. The bottom part is exposed nicely, as well. This should avoid problems when plugging into docks or certain cables. I hope you now have some ideas on whether this type of case is right for you.
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