Full moon for Chuseok holidays

Today's Chuseok and what better celebrate the holiday than watching the full moon and eating good food? :-) I am currently in Ulsan and at my home here I have an old binocular, which I used with my camera to take a somewhat better close-up photo of the Moon just an hour ago.

I also tried to take the photo using only the camera and it came out like this (zoomed 252% from native resolution):

The binocular really helped out. The whole deal wasn't exactly observatory-grade, though: dad was holding the binocular in front of the camera, the camera was at maximum zoom, I was trying to press the shutter as carefully as I could, the hands were shaky, and chromatic aberrations were grossly apparent. Considering all that, though, it came out pretty good, I think.

The 'camera-only' result makes the moon looking like a flat glowing pizza in the sky. The 'binocular+camera' result looks more natural and spheric. The general features of the moon like the craters and the seas are more identifiable with the binocular-assisted version. Notice how the bottom crater's faint outwardly lines can be seen in the first picture but nonexistent in the second one.

Maybe I should buy a real telescope some day.
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