Picking up and unboxing the Apple Vision Pro

Arriving at an Apple Store in Los Angeles on the launch day of Vision Pro

Apple launched its first so-called spatial computing device called Vision Pro on February 2, 2024, only in the United States. As someone who had keen interest in wearable computers for quite some time, and is big fan of all things Apple, I had to get my hands on a set. So I was able to make it to Apple The Grove in Los Angeles on the launch day and do just that.

Asiana Airlines flight OZ202 made a U-turn 2 hours and 30 minutes in

The trip wasn't easy, as the plane I took had one of the passengers falling ill mid-flight, causing an emergency landing in Tokyo Narita Int'l Airport and making the trip 6 hours longer than originally planned. Thankfully, I was able to arrive at the store before closing.
Demo units of Apple Vision Pro on display in the store

As expected, Apple had prepared its stores to feature Vision Pro prominently. There were several demo units on the table, although they were all fixed to the stands. If you wanted to try them on, you need to reserve a separate appointment, and there were several people in the deep end of the store already enjoying the hands-on sessions. Since I didn't have much time, I just picked up my orders and headed out.

Apple Vision Pro's main unit with the cover on

The product came in a huge box, which barely fit in a suitcase that I brought. Opening (unboxing) it, I could see why this was the case - it was meant to protect and hold the main unit in its place. The device by itself wasn't too large, but it did feel a bit heavy.

The external battery pack for Apple Vision Pro

And this was not taking the external battery pack into account, which weighs about half as much as main unit. Unless the battery technology improves significantly, I don't see how it could be merged any time soon. It's kind of like how my own wearable computer had a separate battery pack connected to wires.

The polishing cloth, the only maintenance component included

Meanwhile, there was a large polishing cloth meant to clean the glass parts of the main unit. I suppose this would be crucial in keeping everything scratch-free, and I fear that Apple may sell this separately later on at a hefty markup.

With the unboxing finished, I'll be taking a closer look at Vision Pro and see if this really will be the future of computing.
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