Brighter Saturn shots

12 photos of Saturn taken with SX50 HS, with a resulting composite
More Saturn shots

The superzoom SX50 HS was looking out the window again to shoot Saturn. This time, my three-year old daughter wanted in on the action, so she looked at the viewfinder and took a few shots with my help. She was amazed at how a tiny star in the sky is actually that planet with rings she saw in a book.

The setup was identical to the previous post yesterday except that the shutter speed was slowed down to 1/10s. This made for brighter photos. You can see a hint of Saturn's own shadow on the rings just behind the left side of the planet.

Photos of Saturn for June 3, 2013 using Canon SX50 HS
Even clearer Saturn
UPDATE: The photos I took tonight shows the shadow that Saturn is casting upon its rings much clearer.

I'm getting better results thanks to finding a more stable tripod configuration, leading to sharper images and less frames thrown away due to blurring.

This seems to be about as good as this camera gets, unless some more optical equipment is thrown in. Cassini division on the rings would not be visible unless much more significantly advanced optics come into play.

UPDATE 2015-04-12: Nearly two years later, I now have that "more optical equipment" and for the first time, I was able to resolve the Cassini Division.
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