Wesley's computer: 2nd half of 2005

Not much different from the 1st half.

Screen: Cardinal 17-inch LCD
Speakers: Altec Lansing ACS40
Top of the Left Speaker: Samsung MITs-M4300 ('Sasami')
Top of the Right Speaker: KT-Branded Alarm Clock
Left: DV Video Converter, DVR-109 DVD Writer
Under the Screen: Video Selector, Keyboard-Screen-Mouse-Sound-USB Selector, Camera Dock, IEEE1394 Selector
Keyboard: IGK-3000 Mini
Mouse: Razor Diamondback

This area has been beefed up recently.

From Far to Near, on the Left: External Storage (120GB), PSP, Xbox Controller
Right: Wesley's Artwork, Mac mini
Center: Xbox (Self-Modded)
Bottom: IEEE1394/USB Hub, 80-Disc Storage Box

From "Wesley's Filling Up of Empty Space" at Naver Blog - August 2005
This was the last post at Naver Blog before moving to the self-maintained blog.
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