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Volunteering in Tagbilaran, Philippines

KPX volunteers at Sunshine Home

Continuing with the volunteering efforts, the KPX employees moved to Tagbilaran city on the island of Bohol. This area had an orphanage called Sunshine Home, which was managed by the local Catholic Church.

Along with presenting school supplies, we had some fun with the kids. After introducing each other, we blew balloons to the kids, while the kids responded with the dance routines they learned beforehand. Some volunteers also did some laundry.

Blowing air into a giant ball using a small foot pump

For outside activity, two giant rubber balls about 1m in diameter needed to be inflated. All we had was a small foot pump about the size of a palm of a hand, though. I furiously stepped on the pump for about 20 minutes continuously to fill one ball with air. I also filled another one about half way.

And off the kids go with the giant ball

Kids absolutely loved the balls. They rolled it across the field, competing to see who got to the goal fastest. It was so fulfilling to see that we could give some happiness to the kids.
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Volunteering in Bulacan, Philippines

KPX volunteers at St. Martha Elementary School

The employees of KPX that came to the Philippines for the volunteering work visited St. Martha Elementary School located in Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan today. To start, various useful gifts were given to the school kids, then we got into giving some helping hands.

KPX volunteers serving lunch to the school kids

The volunteers arrived just before the lunch time, so the next task was to provide lunch to the hungry kids. Today's menu was steamed rice and chicken stew and the volunteers barely kept up with the flow of children lining up.

After everyone got their share, we got to play with the school kids. Balloons were blown and given out. Then some boys wanted to play basketball, so a nice 4-on-4 street basketball match was held as well. All in all, everyone was happy to take part in the experience.
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Landed in the Philippines

Now at Baclaran, City of Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

It seems that I'm traveling quite a lot this year. Less than two months after going around London, I've come to Manila, Philippines a few hours ago. This is me in Baclaran at lunch time.

Look at those power cables

It has quite a different landscape, but the weather is surprisingly tolerable. The KPX employees including me are going to be doing some volunteering work in the country this week.
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