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Server now on iMac and macOS High Sierra

New iMac 21.5" 2017, freshly booted and ready to replace Mac mini 2012

The venerable Mac mini 2012, which took over the job of the server from the iMac 2008 in February 2013, showed signs of its age two months ago, refusing to boot due to corrupted Fusion Drive. I was able to remedy the problem, but I thought it may be a good time to move over to a new system. Seeing that Apple has not updated Mac mini in three years (and frankly, the 2014 edition was not an upgrade many had hoped for) I decided to return to using an iMac.

The iMac 21.5" 2017 was able to smoothly take over the Mac mini last month, but for some reason the system came equipped with macOS Sierra (10.12) instead of High Sierra (10.13) which was already a month old at the time. So I applied an extra caution and checked carefully that the apps I ran were compatible before manually upgrading. Finally, I made the switch to High Sierra today. It seems everything is functioning as expected.
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Tool-Box.info is back online

Wesley's Tool-Box was offline for a 53 days since February 2, 2013, when the iMac (Early 2008) that ran the website since May 2008 broke down.

Replacement system was sought, and a souped-up Mac mini (Late 2012) was chosen to pick up the task. Unfortunately, there had been a few issues - recovering the files and database from the iMac didn't go as smoothly as planned; Mac mini didn't get along with certain brand of SSD; family stuff.

All that's behind now. Enjoy the site once again - thank you for your patience.
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