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Winter is coming, so we prepare

KPX's situation room during an electricity supply-demand emergency drill
Getting ready for the surging winter electricity demand

As the summer and winter peak demands for electricity in Korea get precariously close to the available supply capability in the recent years, KPX has been operating a contingency plan situation room for power shortage. To sharpen the skills of the people who man the stations, routine emergency drills are carried out, like this one today.

Since I'm one of those people, I participated, practicing all the things that I need to do in each alert level. The fast pace of the exercise reminded me that being calm, prompt, and accurate was crucial. Winter will soon be upon us, but we're ready to deal with what it'll throw at us.
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Showing up in the news

Wesley in a screenshot of KBS News 9 for May 30, 2013
Situation in the situation room

Power supply/demand situation is getting a bit tight in Korea this year - there's this unusually hot weather coming up, and several large nuclear plants got shut down due to faulty parts being put into due to corruption.

As a result, power grid situation room is up and running early, and I'm taking part in the operation. This means I'll be showing up in the news broadcasts a few times throughout this summer. Yesterday saw some significant coverage from the media, and here are the results.

KBS News 9, May 30, 2013 (#1)
KBS News 9, May 30, 2013 (#2)
SBS 8 News, May 30, 2013
YTN News, 4PM, May 30, 2013

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