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Full moon for Chuseok holidays

Bright and full, as I wish everyone to be. Photo taken with my Kodak camera on max zoom.

iPhone 4 + $40 telescope yields some more detail of the moon's surface. Click for full resolution.
Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) holiday week is closing, but the weather cleared up and I had the opportunity to snap some photos of the full moon. The $40 toy telescope acting as a makeshift zoom lens for iPhone 4's camera worked okay and reveals lots of details. Enjoy!

Eclipse progress in one picture

Moon eats, then spits out the Sun in just two hours

While the overhead cloud hampered the observation of the solar eclipse at its peak (around 10:48 AM) and beyond, I was able to manage a few shots at the Sun as the eclipse progressed. Here's a ten-photo crop of the photos I took. There has been no retouching or resizing. Enjoy!
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Solar eclipse!

Tasty, tasty Sun gobbled up by the Moon

Too bad Korea didn't fall into the total solar eclipse zone (that prestige went to southern China and India), but this eclipse is the best one I've seen with my own (shielded) naked eyes yet. Good thing the office had spare floppy disks lying around. It's a very good filter.
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