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Caught on the KTV media coverage

Between March 8 and 10, '2010 Inter-Ministry Green Technology Forum' was held at Seoul Center of Education and Culture. I was attending the event to assist my team leader and the manager, something I previously noted on Twitter.

Since it's a government-related event, KTV (government-run Korea TV) was naturally covering it. It was broadcast on 6PM, March 8, with the video and the transcript thankfully available at the website.
[ Relevant Page at Info-Wide 6 ]
[ Video Only ]

Looking at the coverage, there had been too many technologies being discussed and so the K-EMS Development Project that my team is working on was sadly not aired. Team leader's awarding of the commendation from the minister was also edited out. But looking at the video carefully, the whole team, including myself was caught on the camera when it was recording the entire audience. This is what was seen between 1:23 and 1:25 mark.

1: Team Leader Hyo-Sang Lee 2: Manager Sung-Goo Kim 3: Deputy Manager Woo-Duk Chung

The video capture came out too tiny, but it becomes obvious when you compare this with the selfie I took during the event.

2010 ๋…น์ƒ‰๊ธฐ์ˆ ํฌ๋Ÿผ์—์„œ ๊น€์„ฑ๊ตฌ ์ฐจ์žฅ & ์ •์šฐ๋• ๋Œ€๋ฆฌ

So it's now confirmed that I attended, but I'm not sure if my company will recognize this as a publicity.
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