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Interviewed by KBS for the regional news

My family appeared on the KBS Daegu News 9 on February 3, 2019

During this year's Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year) holidays my family traveled around the country. We visited Daegu on Sunday, February 3, as I read that its National Museum had some interesting activities for the kids in celebration of the year of the Golden Pig.

One such activity was actually colouring wooden decorations in the shape of a pig. While my daughters were busy painting them, a camera crew from KBS (Korean Broadcasting System, a national public broadcaster) entered the room and started recording the area. Then they asked me if they could film us taking part in the activity and subsequently do a brief interview. I told them that it was fine.

The whole thing seemed to be for a regional news segment, so I checked to see if it aired that night. Sure enough, that was the case and my family appeared on the News 9, as you can see above. You can click on the captured frame or [here] to see the entire segment - relevant part starts around 1:30.

During KBS News Plaza, January 24, 2002

[KBS News VOD]

Old News...
Wearable computer, a.k.a. Wesley's Wearable Project WDS-PWX-0 Rev.2.
I'm much more fashionable these days. But man, KBS video archives has a permanent record of that time when I was fat.

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