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Appearance on SBS "What on Earth" episode #1104

[Source page at SBS website]

The weekly SBS TV program "What on Earth" (순간포착 세상에 이런일이) is one of the longest-running show on the network, going back to 1998. I made an appearance on episode #187 on Feburary 28, 2002 as the "computer man" that wore the "wearable computer" around the city. The show has recently been going back to the archives to highlight the notable old episodes and they wanted to show how I was doing these days. The newspaper article from 10 years ago made the cut, but not more recent stuff, probably due to time constraint. Still, it was a good opportunity to let people know I'm still out there, alive and well.

P.S. There are now a couple of news articles on my appearance online.

2020-10-16 Update: SBS Noriter and another news outlet have reported as well.

Wesley on TV: SBS Live Today

Cyborg Husband from Kore on Vimeo.

Well, there you have it, folks. I was on national TV for about 10 minutes on 'SBS Live Today' show, in the segment named 'Today People' which came at the last part of the show. Television watchers catching the show live could see it at around 6:10 PM, Korea Standard Time, November 26, 2008. It's so good to know that a more recent footage of myself is recorded in the archives of television broadcast. :-)

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Wesley on Television (SBS)

Wesley explains the mission

Finally, for the first time in 3 years I was on television again. The footage from the OpenWireless field day was shown during timeframe 09:43 ~ 11:58 of the "SBS Special for 60th Anniversary of the Restoration - Made in Korea - Part 5: The Impatient Koreans" on SBS yesterday at 10:55PM. I was shown for more than several seconds - speaking English, no less.

For those who missed the broadcast, I've got the video uploaded for just the relevant portion (8.2MB DivX AVI). Right-click and save, if you want. Please don't stress out my Mac. Thanks. :-)

Fast, Fast Koreans from Kore on Vimeo.

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